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Pure Essentials manufactures and distributes over 200 Pure, Organic, Gluten Free, GMO Free, Soy Free, Alcohol Free, Natural liquid herbs, vitamins and supplements. We are a family owned and operated business. We all live what we believe. We are blessed with great health and nutritional knowledge and our goal is to pass that onto you. Health for Life.

“Health for Life”

With over 300 products Pure Essentials ensures you can prevent, rebuild, boost, and achieve all your bodily systems, functions, organs and processes so you can reach your optimal health. We live what we preach and have found our health for life and want to help you do the same!

Sunflower lecithin

Sunflower lecithin Sunflower lecithin Sunflower Lecithin vs. Soy Lecithin vs. Egg Yolk Lecithin: Although, each has their range of health benefits, each dif- fer slightly. Soy lecithin, the most common of the three types is not al- ways the best option because it’s produced from soybeans, which are often genetically modified. Additionally, soy is considered …

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Children’s Products

Children’s Products CHILDREN’S PRODUCTS Here at Pure Essentials, we use glycerine in every formula. Glycerine has a natural sweet taste that helps hide the bitter flavor of many herbs. It is not a sugar and does not cause a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. Glycerine actually helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and to …

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Ear Wax Remover

Ear Wax remover Ear Wax Remover Although the name is self explanatory, it does more than just remove wax from the ear. This product also aids in relieving eczema of the ear, stopping fungal infections in the ear, and helps remove excess ear wax. Ear wax is much needed for the protection of the ear …

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Build, Cleanse, Relax

Build, Cleanse, Relax Build, Cleanse, Relax ADRENAL BUILD ADRENAL BUILD: • Provides the necessary minerals to rebuild, restore, and support depleted adrenal glands • Rebuilds exhausted adrenal function • Increases energy levels • Supports the body’s ability to regulate stress • Helps to keep cortisol at a healthy level Works well with Liquid B-Complex and …

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After Baby

After Baby After Baby & Self Care The secret power for all mamas We have seen that mothers’ only options for a supplement after giving birth is really just prenatal. As an all-woman’s business, we understand how important- tant it is to have a quick recovery after giving birth and wanted to give women something …

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Bone & Joint Health

Bone & Joint Health Bone & Joint Health 4 Supplements Best for the Body   Research on glucosamine use for specific conditions shows: Osteoarthritis. Oral use of glucosamine sulfate might provide some pain relief for people with osteoarthritis of the knee, hip or spine. Rheumatoid arthritis. Early research suggests that oral use of glucosamine hydrochloride …

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Digestion Digestive System The human digestive system consists of the gastrointestinal tract plus the accessory organs of digestion (the tongue, salivary glands, pancreas, liver, and gallbladder). Digestion involves the breakdown of food into smaller and smaller components, until they can be absorbed and assimilated into the body. The process of digestion has three stages: the …

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What Your Body is Doing With Time

What Your Body Is Doing With Time Your body has a built-in clock! Every organ in your body has a repair/maintenance schedule to keep on a daily basis. Health Repair Table: Lungs: 3am-5am Large intestine: (or colon) 5am-7am Stomach: 7am-9am Spleen: 9am-11am Heart: 11am-1pm Small Intestines: 1pm-3pm Bladder: 3pm-5pm Kidneys: 5pm-7pm Pancreas: 7pm-9pm Blood Vessels …

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Your Healthy Blood

All About Your Blood ALL ABOUT BLOOD It is extremely important to have healthy, oxygenated blood. When our blood is healthy, it allows us to absorb our nutrients. Before taking any supplement, it is important to ensure your blood will absorb it; otherwise, you will not get the health benefits. The fastest way to get …

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Whole Body Detox:

“My daughter has been taking the whole body detox for a month now, and he eczema is completely gone. I am shocked at how quickly that got rid of her rashes. She has gotten her eczema under control and if she ever has a rash start, she just uses the healing salve and the rash stops before it could even start” - Annabelle, IN

“I have been using Pure Essentials products for about two years now and I truly feel healthier than I once did. I have managed to fight off colds, sooth aching muscles, and finally ger the vitamins I need as I generally have a poor diet. I am constantly amazed at all the different natural ways there are to help heal myself and I haven't come across an ailment that wasn't helped by something I could find at Pure Essentials” - Chris Chester, CO

“I had the worst rash of my life, it covered my entire mid section. I tried everything under the sun to get rid of the rash, including steroid cream, but it kept coming back. Brenda told me to take the whole body detox and within 2 weeks, the rash was completely gone. Seeing my skin back to its normal form brought tears to my eyes. There aren’t enough thanks to Pure Essentials for the help they provided.”  -Vernon, IN

“I have completely gotten rid of my eczema. I used to be allergic to metal and couldn’t wear clothes washed in tide or fragrant perfumes. I took the Whole Body Detox and the Lively Liver for a year and my eczema and allergic reactions are completely gone. I am so grateful for these products!” - Ciara, CO

“My children all have eczema and every winter I have battled with dry, rashy skin. But after hearing about the whole-body detox, I can finally see relief for my babies. They all have found relief, and the rashes and chronic dryness is a thing of the past.” - Maranda, CO

“I fractured my spine. I took 5 Complete Tissue 5 times a day and in about two and a half weeks I was back to normal.” - Sara Ruth, PA

“My energy was completely depleted when I came to Pure Essentials. They found my blood to be extremely toxic and within a week of take the Whole-Body Detox, my energy was restored, and my body felt amazing. This doesn’t just work, it works fast!” - John, PA

“I have used many different products for arthritis in the past 35 years and can honestly say nothing has compared to your products. I used your M.S.M and Glucosamine Cartilage Complex and Salmon Oil. I use twice the amount that is recommend on the bottles. My joints are so much better, I just wish I had known about your products years earlier. Keep up the great work!” - Emma Byler

“I found a lump in my testicular region, after taking just one bottle of the Whole-Body Detox, the lump went away.” - Henry, WI

Soothing Salve

Calendula Salve

Healing Salve

Mushroom Complex-60 Caps

Vitamin C Serum

Gives skin high amounts of Vitamin C. It heals and repairs damaged skin. Use as a facial toner after cleansing with Silky Cleanser.

Vitamin B Cream

Specifically for teenagers with problematic skin. It dries out the overactive oil glands, reduces skin eruptions substantially and stops the pimple from progressing, and nourishes the skin. Use after cleaning with Camphor Soufflé.

Silky Cleanser

A gentle face cleanser that removes all dirt, makeup, and daily grime without drying the skin. A spa product at the lowerst price available.

Pro-Scalp Moisturizing Shampoo

Moisturized the scalp ridding it of dandruff. Keeps hair and scalp healthy. Does not contain chemicals to make hair fall out like most other anti-dandruff shampoos.

Pit Love

A natural deodorant that allows you to smell great and have smooth, healthy skin in the tender pit of the under arm.

Pineapple Enzyme Scrub

An effective exfoliating, re-texturing, refining, and nourishing treatment scrub. Effectively removes excess surface cells while the micro-spherical beads dissolve and release their nourishing jojoba oil into the skin improving the skins texture.

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