Build, Cleanse, Relax

Build, Cleanse, Relax

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• Provides the necessary minerals to rebuild, restore, and support depleted adrenal glands

• Rebuilds exhausted adrenal function

• Increases energy levels

• Supports the body's ability to regulate stress

• Helps to keep cortisol at a healthy level

Works well with Liquid B-Complex and Supreme Veggies Super Foods for optimal absorption and nutritional boost; important for child development and to keep the adult body at a healthy weight to allow for all body functions to work properly.

• Neutralizes and expels unwanted parasites, both systemically and in the intestines

• Stimulates the digestive system

• Allows beneficial flora to flourish

• Creates an uncomfortable environment for parasites making them flee the body

• Eliminates all stages of all parasites from the body

• Can be taken as a preventative - Works well with Garlic and Clove Extract.

• Rids the body of excess yeast and fungus growth• Prevents yeast from overgrowing in the body

• Prevents serious complications, caused by yeast, from evolving in the body

• Restores normal flora (can help improve the health of the bowels, vaginal pH, as it changes with age, and hormone levels)

Works well with Oil of Oregano and Neem Oil for optimal yeast fighting. Helps to cleanse the blood of yeast keeping a smooth blood stream, preventing blood related diseases in the future.

• Aids in reducing digestive complaints caused by tension and stress

• Calms nervousness of the digestive system

• Helps induce a restful night’s sleep

• Lifts depression

• Improves energy levels

• Settles upset stomachs

• Great for pregnant and nursing women

Works well with Liquid B-Complex and Relax. This is a great formula for children who are hyperactive and for adults who struggle to relax their minds or struggle to calm down, emotionally, mentally, and physically at night.


Detoxifying the body is the single most important thing we can do for our health. When the body has enough water it flushes the rest through all bodily systems, cleansing each organ and body system of any impurities.

It is of optimal benefit to drink water first thing upon waking in the morning. While you were sleeping your toxins became dormant and stopped moving throughout the body, therefore, if you drink water upon rising in the morning you stand a better chance of ridding more toxins at once.

A recent study in Japan showed that when one drinks water immediately upon waking up in the morning, it provides magnanimous health benefits, such as lessening symptoms of: headaches, body aches, heart system, arthritis, fast heartbeat, epilepsy, excess fatness, bronchitis asthma, TB, meningitis, kidney and urine diseases, vomiting, gastritis, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, diabetes, constipation, all eye diseases, womb cancer, menstrual disorders, and ear, nose, and throat diseases. When drinking water before bed, studies show it reduces the risk of heart attacks.

It is important to note that if you are an ice cold, water drinker you should keep it to a maximum of one icy cold beverage a day. This is due to the fact that the cold water will solidify the oily products one consumes, naturally slowing the digestion process.

Note: Drinking Tasty Vitamin Mix with your water when waking will help provide extra energy and give the body a boost of essential herbs and vitamins it needs to start your day as healthy and happy as possible. No matter what your day has in store for you, you can rest easy knowing you can handle it with

Tasty Vitamin Mix.

10 reasons why Pure Essentials Pure “Light” Water can turn your
health around. As you just read, the benefits of water seem endless and they are; however, if you add oxygen to the water, it is even more magical for the body and your health. That is exactly what Pure Essentials has done.
with our Pure “Light” Water. This makes the water more absorbable and provides the body with quicker, more effective results.

• 1. Increases Energy & Relieves Fatigue-Since the brain is mostly water, drinking water can help you think, focus and concentrate better, be more alert, and increase energy.

• 2. Promotes Weight Loss-Removes by-products of fat, reduces eating intake, reduces hunger, and raises metabolism.

• 3. Flushes Out Toxins-Gets rid of waste through sweat and urination, which reduces the risk of kidney stones and urinary tract infections

• 4. Improves Skin Complexion-Moisturizes your skin, keeps it fresh, soft, glowing, and smooth. It is said to get rid of wrinkles.

• 5. Maintains Regularity-Aids in digestion; as water is essential to digest your food and prevents constipation.

• 6. Boosts Immune System-Drinking plenty of water helps fight against flu, cancer and other ailments like heart attacks.

• 7. Natural Headache Remedy-Helps relieve and prevent headaches which are commonly caused by dehydration.

• 8. Prevents Cramps & Sprains-Proper hydration helps keep joints lubricated and muscles more elastic so joint pain is less likely.

• 9. Increases Oxygen Levels in the Blood-Blood is the main transporter for oxygen from organ to organ, this will happen more effectively when the body is hydrated.

• 10. Liquefies Blood-When the blood cells are hydrated, they are less likely to stick together reducing the risk for blood clots and heart attacks.


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Build, Cleanse, Relax

Build, Cleanse, Relax Build, Cleanse, Relax ADRENAL BUILD ADRENAL BUILD: • Provides the necessary minerals to rebuild, restore, and support depleted adrenal glands • Rebuilds exhausted adrenal function • Increases energy levels • Supports the body’s ability to regulate stress • Helps to keep cortisol at a healthy level Works well with Liquid B-Complex and […]

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