Ear Wax remover

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Ear Wax Remover

Although the name is self explanatory, it does more than just remove wax from the ear. This product also aids in relieving eczema of the ear, stopping fungal infections in the ear, and helps remove excess ear wax. Ear wax is much needed for the protection of the ear canal but when too much gets built up, symptoms such as itching and hearing loss are common. Another common ailment is candida in the ear.

Symptoms of candida in the ear include:

  • Hearing loss, which can be mistaken fordeafness
  • A feeling of fullness in the ear
  • Redness of the outer ear
  • Itching, a more common symptom of fungalinfections than bacterial ones
  • Pain
  • Inflammation or swelling
  • Flaky skin
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Discharge from the ear, which can be white,yellow, gray, black, or greenTo use, simply drop about 5 drops in the ear be- fore bed and let it do its work as you sleep.
    This is a one ounce bottle for a mere $7.50.
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Pine Needle Essential Oil

The pine tree, throughout history has proven to be a medicinal safe haven for the people of the land. From the bark to the pine cones, the pine tree is a mecca of medic- inal treats. Pine needles are another of the tree’s many treasures. Pine needles are the source of that unmistak- able and invigorating scent that is carried throughout an evergreen forest. This signature aroma, with its cool and fresh presence, is perfectly captured in this oil.
Pine needle essential oil will pair well with Geranium, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Neroli, Cedar, Coriander, Lavender, Ylang-Ylang, and Chamomile

What uses can Pine Needle Essential Oil Provide for you? GERMS
Germs pose a constant threat to the body. Our immune system has learned in the course of history to defend itself against pathogens, but it cannot always do so on its own. With pine needle oil’s strong antibacterial ef- fect, it provides support to the body. The active ingredient pinene contained in the oil is responsible for the strong antibacterial effect of pine needle oil. Laboratory tests have shown that pinene can destroy 90% of all bacterial cultures.

Pine needle oil aids in arthritic stiffness, tissue irritation, inflammation, and the active ingredient carene provides strong pain relief effects. Pine needle oil has a heating effect that soothes and relaxes tissues and will stop the nerve transmission signals that cause pain. Pine needle oil thus prevents pain in muscles and joints. But pine nee- dle oil not only helps with muscular pain but pain from the nerves themselves can also be treated with the oil.

Pine needle oil helps clear the airways, which counter- acts clogging of the alveoli and is also a pronounced antibiotic. It is also effective for serious lung diseases.
In a clinical study it could be proven that pine needle oil is effective against the pathogen ‘bacillus tubercullosis’. This is especially helpful when suffering from phlegm build-up. Pine needle oil stimulates the alveoli to remove more water and liquefy the mucus in the lungs, which makes it easier to cough up.


What is connective tissue?
Connective tissue in the human body, is the biological duct tape holding the whole system together. Connective tissue gives shape to organs, stores/transports minerals and nutri- ents, provides protection and increases flexibility. These are just some of the roles of this tissue–the role of connective tissue varies depending on the nature of nearby structures.

Pure Essentials Complete Tissue aids in: • Post Surgery 


Joint Pain
Pulled Muscle / Sprains
Tennis Elbow
Carpal TunnelColon Health
Connective Tissue System Repair
Torn Ligaments
Knee Strength and Pain Relief
Any other joint or connective tissue ailment / Ulcer Elimination
Stomach Pain Relief
Digestive Disorders

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Our Complete Tissue is a synergistic combination of 10 whole-food-herbs. This herbal combination brings immediaterelief by boosting the body’s natural process of healing. There are many fitness-enhancing products and supplementsin the wellness market, but none have withstood the test of time, delivering long term results. Complete Tissue regulates the body’s metabolism, helps optimize the formation of bone and tissue during the organism growth and bones injuries. Complete Tissue has an anti-inflammatory effect creating beneficial conditions that help improve wound healing, bone and soft tissues injuries and the recovery after surgical opera- tions, including plastic surgery.

The herbs in the Complete Tissue formula produce a multi- functional effect on the body resulting in numerous health benefits. Lets break down all 10 herbs to help you understand why Complete Tissue may be just what you need to heal, repair and replenish your bones, tissues, ligaments, open wounds, burns, stomach pains, respiratory complications and so much more.

Herbal benefits of Complete Tissue:

Aloe Vera contains salicylate, bradykinin and other natural steroids which reduces the inflammation. It has 12 essential vitamins like A, B (B1, B2, B3, and B6), C and E that makes this gel act as anti-inflammatory and antioxidants to absorb the toxins in the body. It relieves the pressure from the in- flamed joints and knees.

White Oak Bark is high in nutrients such as B12 and potas- sium which aid in keeping its bark strong as well as our con- nective tissue system.

Comfrey is used for healing wounds and broken bones. It is high in Calcium and Vitamin C and simulates healing activity.

Marshmallow Root is well-known for its expectorant and anti- inflammatory effects. Great for pain relief.

Mullein Leaf has a hydrating effect on the spine, joints, carti- lage and therefore will aid in pain relief.

Black Walnut Leaf has wound healing properties. It is used for the treatment fibroma, hypotension and hypertension,sclerosis, psoriasis, eczema, headaches, migraines, arthritis, bowel disease, muscle/bones/joints pain.

Gravel Root can actually repair malformations of the bones and connective tissues as well as strengthen weak areas.

Slippery Elm Bark has soothing, lubricating, and healing properties. Slippery elm helps heal internal mucosal tissues, such as the stomach and esophagus. When slippery elm is mixed with water, it generates a sticky material known asmucilage, which is therapeutic and soothing to anything it touches.

Wormwood is great for relieving pain and inflammation. It is also known to fight off oxidative stress.

Lungwort has mucilage which coats, calms, and cools, while the astringent properties and mineral salts aid in strengthen- ing and feeding the connective tissue.

Lobelia is perfect for severe muscular spasm, epilepsy and any other situation that requires a supreme relaxant to theincreased secretion of adrenalin and blood pressure.

Plantain is high in Manganese is an essential trace mineral which is required for the formation of connective tissue and bone.

Skullcap has been studied for potentially inhibiting the metas- tasis of cells in connective tissue.

We all have a lot of wear and tear over the years we put on our connective tissue system. If we do not aid this system as we age, we are prone to hurting ourselves and are unable
to recover as quickly. To keep you and your loved ones pain free, strong and elastic in the muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons, get them a bottle of Liquid Compete Tissue today. Since this is a liquid, the delivery is much faster and relief is felt sooner. Only $32





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Ear Wax Remover

Ear Wax remover Ear Wax Remover Although the name is self explanatory, it does more than just remove wax from the ear. This product also aids in relieving eczema of the ear, stopping fungal infections in the ear, and helps remove excess ear wax. Ear wax is much needed for the protection of the ear […]



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