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Collagen Peptides-90 V-Capsules


Helps build muscles

Helps alleviate pain due to injury

Promotes a healthy connective tissue and structural system.

Stimulates hair and nail growth

May keep skin elastic

We now have our hydrolyzed collagen in a capsule form. But it is improved with more protein peptides to help your body be at its healthiest.
The reason we need a healthy connective tissue system (muscles, ligaments, joints, tendons, skin, etc) is because our connective tissues hold the minerals and nutrients needed for the nearest gland or organ. If your connective tissue system is weak, it is unable to provide the nutrients needed, making you more susceptible to illness or diseases.
Our collagen peptide capsules have type I-good for bone strength, Type II- for hair, skin and nails, type III- for skin elasticity, type V-for framework of the body, and supports healthy heart, type X- for bone structure and joint cartilage. Take 3 capsules on an empty stomach and enjoy feeling stronger and healthier.
We produce collagen in the body up to 25 years old. After that we start to slow our collagen production, making our bones weaker, heart weaker, and body start to age more rapidly. After the age of 60 we completely stop producing collagen. This is why it is essential to supplement this daily as early in life as 25 years old.


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