All 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade, Organic Oils. These distilled delights will have you breathing your way to health. We provide quality essential oils without the name brand price. If you want health you can afford, look no further.

Bergamot Essential Oil-.5oz

A potent essential oil that is great for lifting depression, boosting skin health, improving digestion, and acting as a anti-bacterial. This natural essential oil is great to diffuse in any room in the house to clear negative energy and for aiding in lifting emotional pain. Can also be rubbed onto skin for sore muscles and joints.

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Bug Repellant 2oz Spray

A blend of oils created to keep all the 4-8 legged creatures from enjoying your space as their own.

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Camphor 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil .5oz

Relieves restless leg syndrome, protects liver, rejuvenates skin, and neutralizes allergies.

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Chamomile 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil .5oz

Helps with digestion, circulation and inflammation. Boosts libido, relieves gas, food poisoning and bug bites.

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Cinnamon Essential Oil 100 Pure Therapeutic Grade .5 fluid ounce

Great for lowering cholesterol, balancing blood sugar, and may help with weight loss. It can help with yeast infections due to its powerful antibacterial properties. Provide arthritis relief, boost brain healthy, is cancer preventing and will improve blood circulation by preventing clotting. Also high in nutrients to boost overall health.

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Clary Sage Steam Distilled 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil .5oz

An antidepressant, anticonvulsant, antispasmodic, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, astringent, bactericidal, carminative, deodorant, digestive, emmenagogue, euphoric, hypotensive, nervine, sedative, stomachic, and a uterine substance.

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Clove 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil .5oz

Antifungal, ant-viral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Relieves toothaches, expels parasites from the body and can act as an insect repellent.

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Cypress Steam Distilled 100% Pure Therapeutic Essential Oil

Helps with wounds and infections, treats cramps and muscle pulls. Aids in toxin removal and promotes blood clotting. Eliminates respiratory conditions, relieves anxiety and treats varicose veins and cellulite.

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Ear Aid 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil 1oz

Reduces inflammation in the ear. Helps with earaches and reduces ringing in ears. Also effective for anywhere else on the skin.10.50

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A powerful essential oil blend meant to harmonize chakras and boost the immune and nervous systems.

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Eucalyptus 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil .5ozRepels insects. Soothes muscle aches and pains. Clears foggy head and soothes coughs.

Repels insects. Soothes muscle aches and pains. Clears foggy head and soothes coughs.

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Frankincense 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil .5oz

Combats respiratory issues. Strengthens immune system. Reduces delays in menstrual cycle. Relieves stress and anxiety.

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Garlic 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil .5oz

Helps with high cholesterol and lowers blood pressure. Fights off flu and cold viruses. Boosts the immune system.

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Helichrysum 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil .5oz

Helps clear up and prevent cold sores. It is an anti coagulant to help those whom run the risk of heart attacks. It relieves allergy symptoms, is an anti-inflammatory, and is known to stop persistent coughs. Strengthens and protects the central nervous system.

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Immunity 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil .5oz

Boosts the immune system. Helps fight off viruses. Contains antioxidant properties.20

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Lavender 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

A wonderful sleep aid that beautifies skin, minimizes scars and acts as an insect repellent.

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Lemon 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

Purifies blood. Boosts immune system. Balances pH. Relieves coughs.

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Lime 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

Relieves stress. Clears lymphatic congestion. Fights bacterial infections. Enhances mood.

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Myrrh 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

Fights fum infections. Moistens chapped lips. Great for allergies and helps with diabetes.

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Neem Oil

Can increase the bodies defense mechanism to fight infectious organisms and other foreign material by activating the immune response. A natural insect repellent. Safe pesticide and a fertilizer. Clears skin blemishes, can be used as a contraceptive and helps to relieve fevers and pain. Contain anti-inflammatory properties.

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Oil of Oregano Liquid

This is natures antibiotic. It is also an antibacterial, antifungal and a powerful infection fighter. This includes staph infections, strep and pneumonia. It loosens phlegm, calms coughing and treats chronic bronchitis. Works great on earaches, skin and lung infections, intestines and is great for yeast infections. Can rub on children’s feet when sick with the flu or cold. Can reduce sugar cravings and is a great immune system booster.

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Helps indigestion. Clears coughs and colds. Promotes energy. Relieves headaches, stress, and sore muscles.

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Rose Essential Oil .5oz (100% Therapeutic Grade)

Rose seems to have endless benefits including; heart health, stops excess bleeding, reduces anxiety, boosts gum, hair and tooth health, helps with any feminine complications, boosts liver function, helps with stomach complications, purifies blood, kills bacteria and viruses. An anti-inflammatory and fight depression.

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Rosemary Essential Oil Steam Distilled Therapeutic Grade

Stimulates hair growth, boost mental activity, relieve respiratory problems, aids in relaxation, and reduce pain.

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Great for promoting relaxation and melting away stress.

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Clears congestion by opening the nasal passage; allowing for easy breathing.

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Tea Tree

Helps with thrush in children. Helps fight skin diseases such as eczema. Helps with mouth diseases such as gingivitis, bad breath, etc.

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Turmeric Essential Oil-.5oz

A powerful anti-inflammatory Great for boosting blood flow Pain reliever May help relieve headaches

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Virus X

An anti-fungal, anti-vital, and antibacterial. Boosts the immune system to help rid the body of viruses, yeast, cold and fly symptoms and illnesses alike.

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Ylang Ylang

Relieves stress, lifts depression, boosts sex drive and helps with insomnia. Also balances heart function.

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Collagen Peptides-90 V-Capsules

Helps build muscles

Helps alleviate pain due to injury

Promotes a healthy connective tissue and structural system.

Stimulates hair and nail growth

May keep skin elastic

Pain Relief Essential Oil Blend-100% Pure Therapeutic Grade-.5oz

Good for aiding in pain relief associated with headaches or minor pain in the body.

Peppermint Essential Oil-100% Pure Therapeutic Grade-.5oz

Great for soothing upset stomachs, boosts energy, may help alleviate headaches. Can be sprayed in corners of the house or entrances to keep spiders away.

Protection Essential Oil Blend-100% Pure Therapeutic Grade-.5oz

Formulated to act as a natural defense mechanism against bacteria and viruses. Rub on your hands to create a natural hand sanitizer. Great for keeping sicknesses at bay.

Marjoram Essential Oil-100% Pure Therapeutic Grade-.5oz

Heart Health May Lower high blood pressure Helps with blood clotting and prevents anemia Pain Relief Digestive Health Boost immunity Healthy nervous system Soothe Stress and Anxiety Helps settle cold and cough symptoms

Serenity Essential Oil Blend-100% Pure Therapeutic Grade

Formulated to: Soothe Anxiety and Stress Promote calming in the central nervous system Ease tension in the muscles Aids in overall relaxation  

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil-100% Pure Therapeutic Grade-.5oz

May help with heart health, blood pressure, boost energy, good for hair and skin health, may also help with depression and anxiety

Sinus Essential Oil Blend-100% Pure Therapeutic Grade-.5oz

Formulated to aid in opening up the sinus, sooth congestion, and help alleviate allergy symptoms associated to breathing.

Wintergreen Ess. Oil 100% Therapeutic Grade-.5oz

May aid in muscle aches, relieve headaches, and sooth stomach distress.

Niaouli Essential Oil-100% Pure Therapeutic Grade

Potential antibacterial properties. May help with alleviate pain and inducing numbness.

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