Our organs need the right vitamins to function properly. If we can’t get them through diet, we must add them to our daily regimen. All the vitamins you will ever need are here.

After Baby

This product was formulated to help mothers recover quicker from giving birth. After Baby will boost energy, balance hormones, restore the body back to a natural, healthy state. We have seen that mother only options for a supplement after giving birth is really just prenatal’s. We wanted to give women something more. 

Anxiety Relief Capsules

Aids in relaxation and may help soothe stress and anxiety.

B12 Lozenges with Folic Acid

Contains folic acid, which fights again cardiovascular diseases, some forms of cancer and various neurological impairments (including depression). Regulates metabolism. Aid the formation of red blood cells and maintenance of the central nervous system. Aid in brain development and function.

Black Cohosh

Reduces menopausal hot flashes, tension headaches, and bronchial coughs. Alleviates many menstrual symptoms. Relieves PMS symptoms. Helps balance hormones.

Bone Calcium

Contains microcrystalline hydroxyapatite, the exact for of calcium found in our bones. This compound remains one of the most advantageous sources of natural calcium available. An excellent way to get the calcium the bones so desperately need to maintain structural longevity

Cascara Sagrada

Relieves chronic indigestion. Supports liver tissue and has strong laxative action.

Children’s Calming Chamomile

Relaxes babies and helps with any stomach aches the baby may have. Provides natural digestive enzymes for small children and babies.

High Lignan Flaxseed Oil-Softgels

High Lignan Flaxseed is that it’s packed with antioxidants, specifically the type called lignans that are unique fiber-related polyphenols. Lignans provide us with antioxidants that help reduce free radical damage, therefore flax has anti-aging, hormonal-balancing and cellular-regenerating effects.

High Potency Women’s Multi-Vitamin

Formulated to relieve stress, balance hormones, increase energy, supply the body with essential probiotics, strengthen the immune system and is specific to women. It is a powerful blend of b-vitamins, minerals, calcium, selenium, hormone balancing herbs, enzymes, and CoQ10.

Liquid B-Complex 16oz

Assists with adrenal support, relieving stress, anxiety, ADHD, allergies, chronic fatigue, depression, low energy, endocrine dysfunctions and nervous disorders. Provides support while breast feeding. Boosts immune system, fights off infections, helps with diabetes, and great for a poor dieter. Contains all 10 b-vitamins and is easily absorbable.

Liquid Super Multi

A multi-vitamin in a liquid form that helps to reduce stress, expel toxins, booster energy, and support overall health.

Liquid Vitamin C

Boosts the bodies immunity. Lowers blood pressure, supports overall health, fights the common colds, and supports healthy bones and teeth. Dilates blood vessels to ensure they absorb all the essential nutrients needed to maintain health. Aids in collagen production (the main structural protein in connective tissues). A powerful antioxidant.

Liquid Vitamin D 1oz

Boosts overall health. Helps the body break down and absorb calcium. Stimulates the immune system. Is a powerful colon cancer preventative.

Mega Daily

A multivitamin that boosts energy and supports overall health. Easy to take and digests within 20 minutes after consumption.

Mega Multi Powder

Healthy structural system for children and adults
Improved mood (less mood swings)
Healthy hair
Better brain to body communication to ensure a healthy glandular system
Supports healthy heart function
Boosts immune system
Aids in better rest
Improved memory
Helps calm the mind to help handle stress and anxiety


Aids in breaking down foods to help with brain function, pregnancy health, heart health, and ease depression. It may also calm ADD and ADHD as well as improve overall gut health.

Multi -Magnesium Capsules

Magnesium is essential to our health. It is a natural calmative for the nerves, boosts organ health, and is the main reason for restless leg syndrome. This is a powerful magnesium that is gentle on the colon. Magnesium can help with sleep, anxiety, stress and overactive nerves.

Prenatal Vitamins

Provides all the essential nutrients needed during pregnancy to keep fetus and mother healthy. Ensure full development in fetus.

Stress X with B-Complex-90 Capsules

Calms and rebuilds nerves and boosts energy. Contains folic acid.

Super C Powder Buffered

Boosts immunity, necessary for collagen (the main structural protein in connective tissues), protects the body from infections and helps maintain healthy bones and teeth. Dilates blood vessels to allow for more absorption and lowers blood pressure. Lowers the lead toxicity in the blood, helps avoid cataracts. Powerful antioxidant.

Thyroid Boost

Boosts underactive thyroid. It is high in natural iodine, mineral salts, and nutrients essential for thyroid health. Builds structural integrity.

Vitamin A 10,000IU

Vitamin A is an immune stimulant. Also helps with sensitive eyes. Vitamin A plays a major role in bone health and reproduction.

Vitamin A&D 25,000/1,000 IU

Vitamin D is essential for skin, hair, hair and colon health. Vitamin A stimulates the immune system. Also relieves easily irritable eyes.

Vitamin C Chewable’s

Dilates blood vessels to ensure absorption of nutrients. Supports bone and tooth health. Helps prevent cataracts. Is essential for collagen production (the main structural protein in connective tissue). Helps fight off the common cold. A powerful antioxidant. Boosts immune system and helps lower blood pressure.

Vitamin D 1,000IU Softgels

Supports overall health. Helps break down and absorb calcium. Stimulates the immune system. A powerful colon cancer preventative.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is great for the skin. It protects the bodies cells from free radical oxidative damage. It helps improve the immune system, reduce cholesterol and lessens the risk of developing cancer, sunstroke, coronary artery disorder, and heart disease.

Whole Foods Multi-Vitamin-60 Tablets

Zinc-90 Lozenges

Known as a powerful immune stimulant, this supplement is essential for fighting off viruses and boosting the bodies overall health.

Slim Cleanse

Aids in weight loss, and helps to clean out excess waste in colon to help reduce waist size.


Great for prostate health.

Hyaluronic Joint Health-16oz

Formulated to help relieve joint pain and maintain the health of the cartilage. May help keep skin elastic and prevent further damage to injuries. Can help keep the bodies connective tissue system healthy and well-nourished to slow the aging of joints, tissues, ligaments, bones, and organs.

Blood Pressure

Formulated to aid in balancing blood pressure naturally.

Acid Comfort-4 Ounce Powder

Formulated to help soothe heart burn. May act as a neutralizer to over production of stomach acid.

Amino Fit-6.5 Ounces Powder

Equipped with 9 essential amino acids: Phenylalanine, Valine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Methionine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Lysine, Histidine, to aid the body in its natural processes including, digestion, immune system, connective tissue growth, absorption of nutrients, as well as energy boosting.

Green Foods Plus-90 Vegetable Capsules

A capsule packed full of concentrated greens to help boost overall health and supply nutrients to all organs and bodily systems. capsule packed full of concentrated greens to help boost overall health and supply nutrients to all organs and bodily systems.

Pain Relief Essential Oil Blend-100% Pure Therapeutic Grade-.5oz

Good for aiding in pain relief associated with headaches or minor pain in the body.

Peppermint Essential Oil-100% Pure Therapeutic Grade-.5oz

Great for soothing upset stomachs, boosts energy, may help alleviate headaches. Can be sprayed in corners of the house or entrances to keep spiders away.

Protection Essential Oil Blend-100% Pure Therapeutic Grade-.5oz

Formulated to act as a natural defense mechanism against bacteria and viruses. Rub on your hands to create a natural hand sanitizer. Great for keeping sicknesses at bay.

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