Coral Calcium


Most absorbable of all calcium (being 90% absorbable compared to 7% on most other forms) on the market. 90% of all women are deficient in Calcium. Calcium to acid is like water to a fire. Calcium eliminates oxygen robbing acid from the blood. Therefore, the more calcium the more oxygen and the more oxygen the less degenerative diseases and cancer. Calcium keeps the blood at a 7.4 pH which is essentials for the blood to retain oxygen. When a diet has an adequate amount of calcium it supplies the blood with all the crucial minerals in order to maintain an alkaline pH of 7.4. Keeps skeleton strong. Provides organs with needed calcium to function properly. Great for hair, nails, teeth, and skin health.

“When I was pregnant with our third child I had a fibroid tumor the size of a grapefruit that they wanted to remove once the baby was born. I decided to see what this Coral Calcium would do to shrink the tumor, as I knew tumor or cancer cells cannot live in a high pH body, and coral calcium raises the pH in your body. So I took 3 Coral Calcium three times a day with one extra Vitamin D3 1000 with every three calcium for three months till after the baby was born. After the baby was born the tumor was gone and had a happy and contented baby.”
-Sadie, PA


120 Capsules, 220 Capsules, 1lb Powder


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