Curcumin/ Turmeric


Reduces inflammation in joints. Supports healthy cellular activity. Stimulates immune function. Balances cholesterol. Aids blood flow to the brain.

So, I’m typically very skeptical about new remedies and supplements without doing plenty of research. However, after being hindered by severe patellar tendonitis/tendonosis for years, I had tried everything but surgery. PT, massage, enough NSAIDs to sedate a farm animal, you name it! After meeting with Ciara and getting her advice on anti-inflammatory supplements, I decided to give Turmeric/Curcumin a try. Being the scientific and engineering minded person that I am, I didn’t have high hopes but was willing to try anything as my Crossfit and Football habits were suffering greatly due to the knee pain. I used this as directed for about a week and started seeing results. I continued my ice and rest regimen in conjunction and now, at 2 weeks, my pain level has decreased almost to zero! I am sold on this product and hope that others share the same success stories!

– Chris Dudley


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