Whole Body Detox 16oz


In order to cleanse the liver properly it takes at least 60 days of being on a detox formula. We have proudly concocted our own formula to provide the most advantages for the body. Our formula is specially created to aid the body in ridding it of toxins while strengthening and building the liver without the harmful effects of most detox programs on the market. This formula detoxifies the blood and helps the body rid itself of cysts and tumors. We recommend a Whole Body De-Tox once yearly for optimum liver health.

What Our Customers are Saying

“A year and a half ago, I had a health situation called urticaria and I was in an acute state of breaking into hives all over my body several times per day. I had tried different antihistamines, but my body became resistant to them. I came across your products in a local store and I decided to take the Whole Body Detox, the Fiber Cleanse and the Supreme Greens. After one week of taking these products and eating a whole-foods diet, the hives disappeared completely.”



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