This almost century old formulation, discovered by a naturopathic doctor, has been used for decade to help aid the body in ridding itself of toxins, cysts, and tumors. It contains anti-fungal, anti-cancer, and antiviral herbs. It cleanses toxins from the blood stream and tissues.

X-Pel’s Health Benefits

X-Pel is a combination of anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-cancerous herbs; designed to detoxify the bodies’ entire system. Used for intense cleansing, swelled lymph glands, tonsils and helps to expel degenerative toxins from the bloodstream, bowels and tissues.

X-Pels’ Blood Cleansing Benefits

                Blood is essential for delivering nutrients and oxygen to all cells in the body, as well as removing metabolic wastes for excretion in the kidneys and lungs. Blood is vital for the immune system, as it helps to circulate white blood cells and enzymes that fight against toxins and free radicals. Blood that is not properly cleansed can inhibit optimal function, resulting in malnutrition and various illnesses. For these reasons, X-Pel is vital for the human bodies’ overall health.

Protects Against Tumors

                X-Pel enters the bloodstream; cleanses the toxins from the blood and stimulates the immune cells to improve overall health. This effect helps to fight cancers and tumors. As the herbs effectively ward off free radicals that buildup in the blood and excretes tumors from the body.

Reduces Inflammation

                Blood poisoning is a fatal condition that can be combated by efficient blood cleansing. Blood cleansing is helpful in reducing inflammation resulting from a build-up of harmful toxins in the body and bloodstream. This build-up causes blood poisoning, swelling, illness, and even death. The cleansing process is essential for proper health and circulation.

Good for the Entire Body

                Blood circulates through each and every organ of our body. For our body to be completely clean and rid of toxins, it is important that the blood in the body is cleansed and detoxified. This is where bowel cleansing comes into play. If our bowels are not thoroughly cleansed, the residual toxins in it will get circulated to our whole body through our blood. To thoroughly cleanse out tissues, organs and skin, our detoxification program has to begin with the cleansing of our bowels.

A number of ailments arise from not having clean bowels. There are a number of medications available to cure the symptoms. But these medications do not aid the cleansing of the bowels, and over a period of time, the chemicals in the drugs add to the toxicity levels in our bowels, this is why X-Pel is superior to other products.

X-Pel provides the body oval health benefits from the blood to the tissues all the way to the bowels to ensure the greatest state of health for the body, unlike other products. Because the level of toxicity in our blood also has an impact on our immune system it is of vital importance we keep our bodies toxic levels low. Bacteria and virus thrive in toxic blood and provide the ideal environment for a number of illnesses and ailments. Bowels contain fermented food wastes and other internal wastes like broken cells or discarded tissue. It is a cesspool of acid that helps further degeneration of the wastes so that they can be removed from the body easily. As you can imagine, it is the wasteland of our body. But the blood that reaches here also reaches the rest of the body, and if this wasteland is not clean, the blood supply will also be toxic. Thus, keeping the bowels clean keeps the blood system clean.

Tissue cleansing consists of fasting, taking nutritional supplements and a thorough bowel cleansing. The benefits of a complete tissue cleansing are enormous. It cleanses our bowels of its toxins, in turn purifying our blood and restoring our body’s immunity against disease-spreading bacteria and viruses by improving our immune system.

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