These are formulas we created to maximize the ability to end ailments, boost systems, and catapult health. Certain combinations of herbs are more powerful than single herbs, here is where you not only heal, but abound in health.

Adrenal Build

Boosts Adrenal Function May Increase Energy May Reduce Over-activity of Adrenal Function Rebuilds Exhausted Adrenal Glands

Allergy Relief

Formulated to relieve sneezing, itching, and other allergy related symptoms. With natural anti-histamine products such as Quercetin, it reduces inflammation, sinus drainage and the clogged-up feeling associated with congestion.

Birthing Blend

Birthing Blend is high in essential minerals to supports a healthy pregnancy. It also prepares the body for labor.

Black Walnut Tooth Blend

Helps with tooth aches. Helps rebuild tooth enamel. Great for children’s growing teeth and prevents cavities. Helps rid the body of parasites like pin worm, ring worms, and round worms. One of the best known remedies to rid the body of any fungus. Helps the body clear athletes foot.

Brain & Memory

Brain & Memory oxygenates the brain and increases blood flow to the brain and spinal column. It increases athletic stamina and increases memory.

Breathe Ease

Reduces upper respiratory wheezing, relieves congestion, and reduces sensitivity to irritant and pollens.

Breathe Easy Tea

Reduces inflammation in the lungs and bronchial. Brings relief to asthma sufferers.

Bronchial Lung Cough

Combats bronchial lung irritation. Reduces inflammation in bronchial and removes excess mucous.

Calming Chamomile

Calms nerves, settles stomach, reduces anxiousness and aids in a restful night’s sleep.

Candida Yeast Away

Controls candida (yeast) from overgrowing in the body. It restores normal flora in the colon as well as strengthen, stimulate, and balance the immune system.

Cardio Plus

Cardio Plus corrects irregular heartbeat and strengthens heart tone. It enhances circulation improving weakness of limbs and breathlessness.

Children’s Colic Relief

Relaxes babies and helps with any stomach aches the baby may have. Provides natural digestive enzymes for small children and babies.

Cholesterol Balance

Formulated to keep cholesterol at a healthy level, lower triglyceride levels, support cardiovascular health and aid in gallbladder health.

Circulation Plus

Circulation Plus stimulates circulation, dilates blood vessels, and thins blood. It improves memory due to increased blood flow to brain. It is essential for vein health for diabetics.

Digestion Build

Digestion build stimulates production of digestive enzymes, reduces gas bloating and purifies blood.


Helps with sore throats. Relieves allergy symptoms. Drains sinus congestion and disinfects sinus cavities.

Eye Safe

Eye Safe prevents macular degeneration. Eye Safe is high in Lutein, which improves eye health, helps with Cataracts and brings nutrients to eye tissue.


Treats eye complications. Helps clear up pink eye, sinusitis, cataracts, and blood shot eyes. An anti-inflammatory for the eyes. Also helps to relieve allergy symptoms associated to the eyes.

Female Plus

Fever Buster

Flu & Cold

Gallbladder Plus

Golden Milk

Golden Milk is a quick acting, natural supplement mixture that is specific to easing all symptoms of GERD, acid reflux, and any upsetting digestive sensation after eating. Golden Milk is a powerful blend consisting of Curcumin/Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon and Honey.

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is best known for its brain boosting abilities; helping in severe nerve conditions as well as cognitive decline disease.

Herbal Iron

Herbal Laxative

Herbal Minerals

Hot Echinacea

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Immune Booster

Kidney Calm

Gently builds kidney and urinary function and reduces water retention.

Ladies Formula

Helps with restless leg syndrome. Helps balance hormone levels for women. Great when used as a sleep aid.

Lavender Dreams

Lively Liver

Lung In A Bottle

Lymes Formula

Lymphatic Cleanse

Clears lymphatic congestion. It reduces enlarged and swollen lymph nodes and clears nonspecific congestion from the body. The only way to get the lymphatic fluids to move is to bounce, as humans we tend to stop bouncing after a certain age. So it is of critical importance to include Lymphatic Cleanse in your regiment to […]

Magnificent Mullein for dry coughs

Male Plus

Maxi Milk

Miscarriage Prevention

Nerve Muscle Boost


Promotes pancreas health Helps the body absorb sugar in the bloodstream

Parasite Cleanse

Aids in expelling parasites from the blood stream Helps make the pH of the body unlivable for parasites Powerful anti-parasitic formula Safe for children


Supports prostate needs, rebuilds prostate tissue and reduces swelling of prostate tissue. Can help with alleviating frequent urination throughout the day and night.


A powerful nerve relaxant that aids in a restful sleep, calms the body and mind as well as strengthens nerves.

Sinus Relief

Clears sinus congestion and relieves sinus inflammation. Dries and clears mucous discharge. Great for allergy relief.

Stomach Relief

Reduces gas, bloating, and indigestion. It soothes digestive tract and reduces stomach distress. It also supports proper stomach acid balance.

Super Duper Tonic

Formulated to help: Boost Immune System Ease Cough and Chest congestion Stop Viruses from Spreading Soothe Cold Symptoms Aid in Respiratory Health Heart Health

Three Wise Men

Three Wise Men is the anti-inflammatory powerhouse. Myrrh, Frankincense, and Turmeric combat all inflammation, major or minor in the body. Get back to feeling normal when you take Three Wise Men daily.

Hyaluronic Joint Health-16oz

Formulated to help relieve joint pain and maintain the health of the cartilage. May help keep skin elastic and prevent further damage to injuries. Can help keep the bodies connective tissue system healthy and well-nourished to slow the aging of joints, tissues, ligaments, bones, and organs.

Blood Pressure

Formulated to aid in balancing blood pressure naturally.

Acid Comfort-4 Ounce Powder

Formulated to help soothe heart burn. May act as a neutralizer to over production of stomach acid.

Amino Fit-6.5 Ounces Powder

Equipped with 9 essential amino acids: Phenylalanine, Valine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Methionine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Lysine, Histidine, to aid the body in its natural processes including, digestion, immune system, connective tissue growth, absorption of nutrients, as well as energy boosting.

Green Foods Plus-90 Vegetable Capsules

A capsule packed full of concentrated greens to help boost overall health and supply nutrients to all organs and bodily systems. capsule packed full of concentrated greens to help boost overall health and supply nutrients to all organs and bodily systems.

Pain Relief Essential Oil Blend-100% Pure Therapeutic Grade-.5oz

Good for aiding in pain relief associated with headaches or minor pain in the body.

Peppermint Essential Oil-100% Pure Therapeutic Grade-.5oz

Great for soothing upset stomachs, boosts energy, may help alleviate headaches. Can be sprayed in corners of the house or entrances to keep spiders away.

Protection Essential Oil Blend-100% Pure Therapeutic Grade-.5oz

Formulated to act as a natural defense mechanism against bacteria and viruses. Rub on your hands to create a natural hand sanitizer. Great for keeping sicknesses at bay.

Marjoram Essential Oil-100% Pure Therapeutic Grade-.5oz

Heart Health May Lower high blood pressure Helps with blood clotting and prevents anemia Pain Relief Digestive Health Boost immunity Healthy nervous system Soothe Stress and Anxiety Helps settle cold and cough symptoms

Serenity Essential Oil Blend-100% Pure Therapeutic Grade

Formulated to: Soothe Anxiety and Stress Promote calming in the central nervous system Ease tension in the muscles Aids in overall relaxation  

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