As it is so difficult to eat the vitamins our bodies need through our diets, we have the most absorbable liquid vitamins to help you reach your desired health goals.


Use for excessive gas, indigestion, and heartburn. Great for nursing mothers with colicky babies.

Beet Root

Black Cohosh

Reduces menopausal hot flashes, tension headaches, and bronchial coughs. Alleviates many menstrual symptoms. Relieves PMS symptoms. Helps balance hormones.

Black Walnut Hulls

One of the most effective natural herbal laxatives. It can also draw out poisons from snake and spider bites. Helps the body to expel parasites and contains antibacterial and antiviral properties. Also high in Vitamin C.

Black Walnut Tooth Blend

Helps with tooth aches. Helps rebuild tooth enamel. Great for children’s growing teeth and prevents cavities. Helps rid the body of parasites like pin worm, ring worms, and round worms. One of the best known remedies to rid the body of any fungus. Helps the body clear athletes foot.

Blue Cohosh

Used to treat kidney infections, arthritis, and muscle spasms. It is used to induce labor and menstruation. Relieves cramps from menstrual cycles.

Blue Vervain

Reduces tension and stress. Calms nerves and settles overactive digestion. Promotes lactation, stimulates uterus, and reduces gallbladder inflammation.

Breathe Ease

Reduces upper respiratory wheezing, relieves congestion, and reduces sensitivity to irritant and pollens.

Breathe Easy Tea

Reduces inflammation in the lungs and bronchial. Brings relief to asthma sufferers.


Stimulates blood flow and tones circulation. It strengthens peripheral nerves, encourages sweating and stimulates digestion. Great for vascular health.

Cascara Sagrada

Relieves chronic indigestion. Supports liver tissue and has strong laxative action.

Cat’s Claw

Builds the bodies natural immunities. A powerful blood cleanser. Helps with joint/connective tissue inflammation.


Settles Colicky babies. aids in digestion and reduces stomach spasms. It dispels gas and settles stomachs of little ones. Relieves stress, anxiousness, and promotes sleep.

Children’s Calming Chamomile

Relaxes babies and helps with any stomach aches the baby may have. Provides natural digestive enzymes for small children and babies.

Children’s Cold Plus

Reduces high fevers, settles stomach, and calms sick children.

Children’s Colic Relief

Relaxes babies and helps with any stomach aches the baby may have. Provides natural digestive enzymes for small children and babies.

Children’s Focus H

Relieves Add and ADHD symptoms naturally. Helps children to focus and calm them. High in necessary minerals for brain and nerve support.

Children’s Herbal Laxative

High in mineral and vitamin content to reduce loss of electrolytes. Relaxes and looses bowels to relieve constipation. This is a gentle and natural laxative.

Children’s Parasite Cleanse

Our Children’s Parasite Cleanse kills and expels all types of parasites at all stages. Rids the blood, colon, and other bodily systems of parasites. Boosts beneficial flora to eradicate parasites. This is safe for all ages.

Children’s Teething Formula

Gentle and effective pain reliever. Settles tummies of teething babies. Rub onto gums for immediate relief.

Children’s Tummy Ease

Reduces gas and bloating in children. Aid in digestive health. Soothes tummy aches and reduces frequency and intensity of tummy distress.

Children’s Vaccine Detox

Eliminates excess toxins form children. Purifies liver and blood. Full of trace minerals for organ health support. Use after vaccines to reduce side effects.

Children’s Yeastie Beastie

Safe for all ages. Expels toxins related to yeast overgrowth. Balances yeast overgrowth. Strengthens and balances inner environment of the body with natural antiseptic and disinfectant properties. It also rebuilds the immune system.


Helps solidify diarrhea. Lowers blood sugar levels and creates heat in the body. Helps to break down sugar in the body. Is a great appetite suppressant and may help with weight loss.

Comfrey Root

Regenerative action for stomach, colon, and bronchial tissues. Reduces bleeding and helps rebuild bone tissue.

Curcumin/ Turmeric

Reduces inflammation in joints. Supports healthy cellular activity. Stimulates immune function. Balances cholesterol. Aids blood flow to the brain.


Echinacea is an immune stimulant. It reduces inflammation and sinus congestion. Helps upper respiratory crisis and raises white blood cell count.


Helps with sore throats. Relieves allergy symptoms. Drains sinus congestion and disinfects sinus cavities.


Reduces joint inflammation and auto immune sensitivities. It clears upper respiratory tracts congestion and inflammation.

Elderberry Syrup

A must have for the flu and cold season.
Elderberry syrup acts as a three in one formula: a cough syrup, immune stimulator, and flu and cold elixir.

False Unicorn

Aids the female body and hormones to enhance pregnancy possibilities. Relieves many menstrual complications.


Anti-parasitic and antibacterial properties. Helps with respiratory problems, poor digestion, and low energy. Helps fight off viruses associated with flus and colds. Aids the body in lowering blood pressure.

Goldenseal Root

A powerful antiseptic with immune stimulating properties. Used as a douche for vaginal yeast infections. Reduces inflammation in respiratory, digestive, and urinary systems. Helps clear up bladder infection and ear aches.

HangNOver 1.5oz

Formulated to help replenish the body. Great for hangovers, post workout drink, or as a natural energy boost in middle of the day.

Hawthorn Berry

A cardiac tonic that strengthens the heart. It supports blood pressure. It improves circulation and oxygenation to heart tissues.

Kelp Norwegian

Helps reduce oversized thyroid and lymph nodes. Stimulates thyroid. High in natural Iodine.

Ladies Formula

Helps with restless leg syndrome. Helps balance hormone levels for women. Great when used as a sleep aid.

Licorice Root

Reduces inflammation. Moistens mucous membranes and sore throats. Soothes digestion and balances female hormones.

Liquid Super Multi

A multi-vitamin in a liquid form that helps to reduce stress, expel toxins, booster energy, and support overall health.

Liquid Vitamin C

Boosts the bodies immunity. Lowers blood pressure, supports overall health, fights the common colds, and supports healthy bones and teeth. Dilates blood vessels to ensure they absorb all the essential nutrients needed to maintain health. Aids in collagen production (the main structural protein in connective tissues). A powerful antioxidant.

Liquid Vitamin D 1oz

Boosts overall health. Helps the body break down and absorb calcium. Stimulates the immune system. Is a powerful colon cancer preventative.


Relaxes the central nervous system and the respiratory system. Reduces spastic coughs. Helps cigarette smokers quit more easily.

Marshmallow Root

An anti-inflammatory for bronchial and lungs. Reduces inflammation of mucous membranes, lungs, and intestines. Assists with skin repair. reduces dry, hacking coughs.20-70

Milk Thistle

Helps with liver and gallbladder conditions. Antioxidant action specific to liver. Supports lactation. Contains cancer fighting properties.

Natural Vitamin C-16oz

This is natures vitamin C. Made from goji berries, acerola berries, and camu camu to give the body the highest amount of immune stimulating vitamin c naturally!

Olive Leaf

Supports immune health. An essential antioxidant. An antiviral that fights off extreme viruses such as the Herpes virus.

Passion Flower

Known as Nature’s Prozac. It is great for lifting depression. It also calms and soothes the nervous system.

Pau D’Arco

Aids the body in controlling yeast imbalances. A powerful blood cleanser. Helps with smoker’s cough. Has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties.


A natural antibiotic that helps with sore throats, rashes and infections. Also great for any skin condition. Bee’s use Propolis wax to protect their hive from bacteria.


Supports prostate needs, rebuilds prostate tissue and reduces swelling of prostate tissue. Can help with alleviating frequent urination throughout the day and night.

Acid Comfort-4 Ounce Powder

Formulated to help soothe heart burn. May act as a neutralizer to over production of stomach acid.

Amino Fit-6.5 Ounces Powder

Equipped with 9 essential amino acids: Phenylalanine, Valine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Methionine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Lysine, Histidine, to aid the body in its natural processes including, digestion, immune system, connective tissue growth, absorption of nutrients, as well as energy boosting.

Green Foods Plus-90 Vegetable Capsules

A capsule packed full of concentrated greens to help boost overall health and supply nutrients to all organs and bodily systems. capsule packed full of concentrated greens to help boost overall health and supply nutrients to all organs and bodily systems.

Collagen Peptides-90 V-Capsules

Helps build muscles

Helps alleviate pain due to injury

Promotes a healthy connective tissue and structural system.

Stimulates hair and nail growth

May keep skin elastic

Pain Relief Essential Oil Blend-100% Pure Therapeutic Grade-.5oz

Good for aiding in pain relief associated with headaches or minor pain in the body.

Peppermint Essential Oil-100% Pure Therapeutic Grade-.5oz

Great for soothing upset stomachs, boosts energy, may help alleviate headaches. Can be sprayed in corners of the house or entrances to keep spiders away.

Protection Essential Oil Blend-100% Pure Therapeutic Grade-.5oz

Formulated to act as a natural defense mechanism against bacteria and viruses. Rub on your hands to create a natural hand sanitizer. Great for keeping sicknesses at bay.

Marjoram Essential Oil-100% Pure Therapeutic Grade-.5oz

Heart Health May Lower high blood pressure Helps with blood clotting and prevents anemia Pain Relief Digestive Health Boost immunity Healthy nervous system Soothe Stress and Anxiety Helps settle cold and cough symptoms

Serenity Essential Oil Blend-100% Pure Therapeutic Grade

Formulated to: Soothe Anxiety and Stress Promote calming in the central nervous system Ease tension in the muscles Aids in overall relaxation  

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil-100% Pure Therapeutic Grade-.5oz

May help with heart health, blood pressure, boost energy, good for hair and skin health, may also help with depression and anxiety

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