All About Your Blood


It is extremely important to have healthy, oxygenated blood. When our blood is healthy, it allows us to absorb our nutrients. Before taking any supplement, it is important to ensure your blood will absorb it; otherwise, you will not get the health benefits. The fastest way to get healthy blood is to drink Pure “Light” water. It will provide added oxygen to your blood cells allowing them to be ready to absorb anything you put into the body. It has copious health benefits and will have your feeling on top of your health game in no time.

White Blood Cells:
These beauties are our life force. They not only act as our first line of defense against pathogens, but they also help clean up the blood.

It is so important to keep these cells boosted for your overall health. The best way to build white blood cells is to take Vitamin A. But taking other immune stimulating herbs such as Immune Booster, Oil of Oregano, or Virus X will aid in boosting the appendix and the spleen (organs that produces white blood cells).

Boosting White Blood Cells:
Vitamin A- 25,000IU-50,000IU daily
Immune Booster-2 droppers twice daily
Virus-X-2 soft gels or 1 dropper with meals daily
Oil of Oregano-1 dropper or 1 soft gel with meals daily

Red Blood Cells:
These are the cells that carry our nutrients to be delivered to the specific organs and body systems.
The health of the red blood cells will determine the health of the body.

Boosting Red Blood Cells:
Supreme Veggie Greens-2 tablespoons daily.
Supplementing greens will also help the blood detox easier, flow through the veins smoothly, and will help with altitude sickness.

Oxygenating the Blood:
Pure Light Water-1oz to 1 gallon water (drink half your
body weight in ounces)
Vitamin E-800IU daily
Beet Root-1 tablespoon daily

Boosting Blood Flow:
Curcumin/Turmeric-2 droppers 3 times daily
Capsicum-2 droppers twice daily with meals
Pure Light Water-1oz in 1 gallon water-drink daily
Three Wise Men-2 droppers twice daily

Detox the Blood:
The blood will soak up toxins from different organs to be cleaned out by the liver, spleen, skin, kidneys, intestines, and lymphatic system. Helping each of these systems stay healthy will ensure your blood will be filtered properly and
your health will follow suit. It is strongly recommended you do a cleanse at least once a year if not twice to keep the pathogens in the blood at bay. Pathogens include: Mold, parasites, yeast, sugar crystals, plaque, and red crystals (waste particles reabsorbed into the blood stream from the colon).

To Boost the liver:                                                                                        Whole Body Detox-2 teaspoons daily for 60 days
To help rid the blood of yeast: Candida Yeast Away-2 droppers twice daily for 30 days
To help rid the body of parasites: Parasite Cleanse-2 droppers twice daily for 30 days
To get rid of mold in the blood: Pro-Cell-2 droppers twice daily for 60 days
To lower cholesterol: Cholesterol Balance-2 droppers twice daily or Vitamin C and Sunflower Lecithin-3,000mg of each daily
To Boost the kidneys: Kidney Calm-2 droppers twice daily for 30days.
To Boost the Spleen-Vitamin C-2,500mg daily
To Boost the Colon: Colon Calm-1-2 teaspoon daily or Fiber
Cleanse-1 teaspoon for daily bowel movements

Heart health:
The heart is in charge of pumping the blood through the body. It is extremely important to the keep the heart, and all the valves, healthy and open.
The following herbs are to help boost the heart health.
Hawthorn Berry-2 droppers twice daily to help boost the heart strength.
Coral Calcium-250-500mg daily
CoQ10-1 capsule daily
Cardio Plus-2 droppers twice daily
Hemp Seed Oil-1 tablespoon daily

TIP: The connective tissue will hold onto the nutrients needed for the nearest organ. The healthier the connective tissue, the more nutrients it can hold, ready to deliver to the organ, such as the heart, that is in need. For example. If the heart needs more calcium, it will ask the connective tissue closest to it to deliver the calcium...when your connective tissue is weak, it will pull from muscles or less important organs to provide what is needed for the more vital organs. To ensure your connective tissue is healthy and holding the nutrients for all organs, take HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN-1 teaspoon every evening


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