Allergies are back

Allergies are back

Allergies are your body’s reaction to environmental irritants. When the body becomes irritated its first reaction is inflammation, usually around the sinuses and eyes. Unpleasant symptoms; runny nose, itching and sneezing,
are quick to follow.

Not only are the sniffles starting early, they are coming out in full force. Don’t let allergies get the best of you again this year. Take control of your spring and summer with our allergy, fool proof remedy. Prevent or reduce the inevitable allergy symptoms simply by taking Allergy Relief three times daily or when symptoms are present. Pure Essentials Allergy Relief is an herbal blend of stinging nettles, quercetin, bromelain, licorice root, boneset herb, fenugreek seed, marshmallow root and mullein leaves, which stop the body from overacting to the pollens it comes in contact with. For sore throats associated with allergies, add Propolis spray, an antibiotic, several times daily.

Beautiful caucasian young girl against blooming spring trees poses with white napkin, has bad case of allergy on blossom pollen

Allergy Relief will relieve all allergy symptoms, excess sinus drainage as well as sneezing and itching associated with allergies. Allergy Relief has anti-inflammatory properties, thus will open the throat and sinuses so that all air passages are clear and can allow for easy breathing. Experienced allergy suffers know how important it is to get a jump start on allergy treatments, however, allergies can sneak up on even the most seasoned sneezer.

People who experience allergy problems in the summer or fall should get an early start to the spring to ensure a breathe-easy season. Prevention is key to allergies and key to prevention is preparation. Starting treatment before
symptoms are present will allow for a more enjoyable allergy season.
Why does the body have reactions to pollen? Allergies are usually a sign of a weakened colon function. When you correct the colon, often time the irritants to your environment tend to lessen. In order to correct the colon health and function we recommend the Colon Calm. This will strengthen the colon wall and improve the integrity of the colon as a whole, including boosting its function.

Anyone who suffers from allergies on a regular basis needs to detoxify the body on an annual basis. The cleaner the system, the less likely the body will over-react to the foreign pollen. We recommend: Bio Fiber Capsules,
3 capsules daily (twice daily for those with more weakened digestive systems).

Whole Body De-Tox to cleanse the liver and detoxify the blood stream. Take 2 teaspoons daily for at least 60 days. It is best to start this as early in the season as possible. Starting this cleanse prior to the symptoms being present will help reduce the severity of the symptoms during the worst of allergy season.

What are quick home remedies? Always have a Neti Pot handy. When you come in from the pollen exposure, immediately flush the sinuses with a Neti pot, (containing 2 droppers full Goldenseal extract) added to the saline solution. Always remember that if you are in hay fields or mowing yards, you have covered your body with unseen pollens and allergens. It is best to shower or wash the hair upon reentering the home. If you come in day after day dragging all those pollens into your home, sleep on the same pillow in the same covers you will only make the symptoms worse. Remember the key to prevention is preparation. Ensure you are always conscious of allowing as little pollens and allergens as possible from entering the house.

How to know which one is affecting you and how to correct it.

As part of the endocrine system, the thyroid is a master gland that controls, not just our hormones but daily bodily functions, such as mood, body temperature, and hair growth. Often, we get confused whether our thyroid is underactive or overactive. The following will help you differentiate your symptoms. This will help to know whether to take Thyroid Boost or Thyroid Calm. Before taking Thyroid Boost or Thyroid Calm it is best to do Basal test to establish if you have poor thyroid function or not. After establishing whether you have poor thyroid function or not you can proceed accordingly.

The Basal Temperature Test:

First thing in the morning before getting out of bed take your temperature. If it is below 97 take your temp again at noon. Do this for three days in a row. If your temperature never reaches 98.6 you have poor thyroid function.


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